This Week in Music

This week in music was a fairly light one, but there are a couple of albums content I want to talk about.

The first album I want to discuss is the surprise album dropped by Eminem, “Kamikaze”. This album was full on subliminal and direct shots directed at a plethora of people in the music industry. Instead of going in depth on this album I am going to tell you how it makes me feel. This album proves to me, well I have been saying it for years but still, that Eminem is overrated. He is a phenomenal artist, but was the first industry plant. Throughout the entire album I could not find one verse from him that had actual substance. He just rhymed a bunch of words and phrases. To the average music/Hip-Hop fan that may be what music is about to them, but to me it is about the message you are getting across. From “The Ringer” to “Good Guy” it was basically him saying, “Ok if I say your name it’s free press, but y’all are right my last album was trash”. The irony of that is why the hell are you mad….. why are you focused on the feedback from the people who do not like your music if you are the “Greatest” rapper of all time. This entire album full of name drops rubbed me the wrong way and made me question why exactly was he coined a goat…. We know why, but that is for another time. All in all I give this album a good 6/10 (being very generous). Go listen to it yourself though this is my brain’s way of thinking.

The other album I want to talk about is “Bloom” by Troye Sivan. This was the most complete album this week. The highlight of this album for me was “My, My, My!” This album was such a carefully produced masterpiece I could not help but to acknowledge the subtle use of 808’s in the background on “What a Heavenly Way to Die”. I do not want to spoil anything about this album, so I am encouraging you to go listen to it. This album gets a 9.5/10. I cannot wait for his next body of work.


4 thoughts on “Kamiduke

  1. You are really in tune to the music industry. Where do you get all your info from about the latest and greatest albums releasing? To be honest, I don’t pay super attention to what music is coming out next, I just listen to whatever comes on the radio. I had no idea Eminem even dropped a new album lol


    1. I just look online most of the time, I have Apple music which makes it easy to see new albums. TWITTER really helps me out, they alert me when a surprise album like Eminem’s drops


  2. Loved reading this blog post! I am not very in tune with music, but I love listening to new stuff that people reccomend. I actually went and listened to the song “Bloom” and I really was digging it! Good Choice.


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