The Real Is 6ack

This week was an incredible week in new music. We had new albums from artist like Mozzy, Wale, No Name, 6lack, Carrie Underwood, Hozier, Tori Kelly, and many more. These artist all dropped AMAZING projects, but the two artist who albums dropped that have me constantly playing them back are Wale and 6lack.

I am going to start with the long awaited 6lack album “East Atlanta Love Letter”.  This album was well worth the wait. With features from artist like Future,  J. Cole, Offset, and Khalid you would expect a compromise in tune from one or the other but no. All voices on this album blended together beautifully. 6lack ability to not do like many other artist and conform to the style of person he is working with is one truly to marvel. The standout song on this album is the title track “East Atlanta Love Letter”. Starting with 6lack elaborating on his wants from his particular suitor to the perfect harmonization of Future Hendrix and his self asking does the man she with make her happy. it is pure bliss. Going back to the first project and comparing it to this one shows that 6lack has yet to make a bad song. Of course there are going to be songs that are not your favorite, but you can put all of his works on and not once thinking about skipping a track. The original beats, staggered tones used, and the piano on every track makes this album a true masterpiece. A full length masterpiece in this time of music is rare so I am extremely impressed with him. If I had to rate this album on the scale of 1-10 it is clearly a 9.

The other album that I am going to talk about is the surprise EP, by Wale, “Free Lunch”. This EP seemed to have came out of now where. This is a pretty safe move, and it played out smoothly for Wale. With the highlight of the four song EP being the “My Boy” track featuring J. Cole showing that Wale lyrical skills are still tops. Even though I loved his verse on this song, he completely gets outshined by J. Cole on this song. That did not take away the brilliance of this project. Following the was he has a joint with Eric Bellinger saluting the loves of his life. You can tell Wale had something to prove from this project and rapped his heart off. If I had to rate this it will be a 7, simply because it was not long enough to actually thoroughly enjoy this project


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