Sorry 4 The Wait

A week late, but not a dollar short I have new music for you.

The first album I want to discuss will be “Good Cry-EP” by Noah Cyrus. I have to say I am fairly shocked at how good this album actually is. With a trace of her sister Miley you can tell the country background influenced this album. With the highlight of the album being the soulful single “Mad At You” ft. Gallant the raw emotions you can tell that she put a lot of time into this album. She has a gift and when people actually give her a fair chance they will see exactly how good she is. Even at such a young age the amount of passion she displays is just awe inspiring. This album is a solid 7/10.


Since I am giving two blogs this week, I am going to backtrack and talk about an album I skipped over.

The internet claimed King of L’s Russ keeps defying the haters with the album ”Zoo”. One of the most underappreciated artist of my generation. No lyrics about excessive drug use just lyrics about his life. The thing about this is all his rhymes he continuously to live out. The amount of pressure he puts on himself and continues to surmount it is inspiring. The highlight of this album came from the intro “The Flute Song” and goes all the way to the “F**k That”. This album is sonically the fifth best I have heard this year. The attention to detail he puts into his craft is a standard every artist should. The Gold-standard for white rappers in my opinion. This album gets a 9/10.


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