This week in music the long awaited “Carter V” by Lil Wayne finally dropped. Kevin Gates, Chief Keef, Elevation Worship, Logic, and many more dropped as well. I am going to focus on the guys from Louisiana.

First off the loooooong awaited “Carter V” dropped and after  many years of speculation and wonder we finally got it. I must say it did not disappoint. From beginning to end it is an album that is officially rap. From beginning to end he gives us what the game has been missing. Wayne announces, what we all knew, that he birthed this new generation of rappers. He spits bars such as ‘”And I’m sitting here reading about what I do, what I didn’t/ I ruined relationships before my image but/ All I ever wanted was everybody’s attention/ Cause most people are nobody til somebody kill em”. Wayne even admits to attempting to take his own life when he was just 12 years old. Wayne really gave us what we needed in the world he showed us that he has not lost it. The standout tracks on this album are all of them. My favorites are “Let It All Work Out” and “Dark Side of the Moon”.  With beautiful story telling, great rhymes, and rhythmic beats we are so glad to finally get this album and it not be disappointing. I am completely biased with this but this album is a perfect 10/10.

The second album will be “Luca Brasi 3”, by Kevin Gates. This is his first full officially album after his release from prison. When I say I expected more from this, but am not  upset with it. There are standout tracks like “M.A.T.A” and “Shoulda” where Kevin admits his passions and love for the streets, his child’s mother, and those who betrayed him.  All and all Kevin pieced this together pretty subpar. He has skippables which is not what you normally get from a Kevin album. Tracks like “Addin Up” and “Great Man” feel like filler songs. It thoroughly enjoyed it being a 19 song album instead of the general 7 song album we have been getting from the major artist. I give this album a solid 7/10.


9 thoughts on “Louisianimals

  1. I’ve listened to a few songs from the Carter V but haven’t gotten around to the whole album. I’m trying to come across a song that has the lighter being lit at the beginning lol his fans know what that means


  2. I was pretty disappointed with Luca Brasi 3 as well. Idk if it’s just because his older stuff was so good or what. Carter V is fire. Lil Wayne is just the man.


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