Gangland Pilots

Lets jump straight in to this. This past week, we have got new music from Lady Gaga, Lil Baby & Gunna, Dom Kennedy, Sheck Wes, T.I., Tokyo Jetz, and many more. With that being said I want to talk about the two most awaited albums that dropped the past week.

First album I want to talk about is the twenty one pilots album “Trench”. This album was waited on for almost three years and it did not disappoint. It picks up where there last album left off and continues to tell the story of self discovery for the duo. The amazing  ability to turn their person pain into a musical spectacle on Trench” does not go unnoticed. The “Chlorine” song is the stand out on the album as  I first listen. Saying he’s sipping on straight chlorine meaning he is having a medical induced trip that he does not really want to escape, speaks loudly to the drug epidemic that makes good music. But in my opinion his drug of choice is toxic love. Which is the most powerful drug of all. A great song on the album is also “Cut My Lip“. Proclaiming he is bruised and broken, but the love he has for a person continues to be a motivator for him. With the wait and sound of this product. I give it a solid 7/10.

The other album I will discuss is “Gangland Landlord” by Mozzy. Even though most people who are not deep into hip-hop may not know who he is, his popularity rocketed with a shoutout from Kendrick Lamar on the Grammy stage. This album is placed at a high pedestal when it comes to reality rap. He starts out with a heartfelt intro “No Way Intro” which is a standout for me. He basically gives the blueprint for this album: Pain, success, and sorrow. The other song that gets continuous replay is the song “Walk With a Limp“. If I’m little I’m still big homie sits so stern with me. I relate to this song, no matter how people felt he continues to be him. Mozzy voice blends perfectly with every beat he chose to use. I applaud his in house team for keeping him grounded and not getting outside of himself. This album is a 8/10.


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