This week in music we got music from Quavo, Shy Glizzy, Usher, Jimmie Allen, TobyMac, Young the Giant, and a couple more. The album I want to highlight is that of Quavo and Ella Mai.

Starting with the lead singer of one of the hottest groups of all-time The Migos. Since the mainstream popularity of the Migos, Quavo has been pushed to be a solo artist. So everybody was awaiting for “Quavo Huncho” with excitement and it did DISAPPOINT. The album was lackluster at best and had the same undertones as a kindergarten lullaby. Over and over it is just a repeat of words and syllables. No real substance is gained from it. The highlight of the album is the song “Huncho Dreams” where he eludesto sleeping with Nicki Minaj. This was a strategic flip of her song “Barbie Dreams” in which she eludes to sleeping with multiple rappers. He even placed it as the same track number as she did. All in all though this album is not spectacular and proves every lead singer should not be a solo artist. I give this album 3/10.

The other album I want to talk about “Ella Mai” by Ella Mai. This album shows a lot about Ella Mai and how diverse she actually is. The now proclaimed savior of R&B dropped this album and had everyone listening. To me this album shows Pop Ella Main and R&B Ella Mai. From that I can accurately say I think Pop Ella Mai is vullis (garbage in Afrikkan), but R&B Ella Mai is truly a talent. The pop side of her album seemed like it was very rushed and that she was forced to do it. It sounded unnatural to me. The R&B side was phenomenal. The best song to me is “Cheap Shot“, it is basically my life at the bar. I do not want to give to much to this, but her career is going to made by ballads and not pop hits. I only like half of this album so I have to give it 5/10.


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