Sorry for another late blog post week I have been distracted. Not a lot of music dropped this week, so I am going to get into it.

The first “album” I would like to talk about is the anxiously awaited Summer Walker project. The name of the project is “Last Days of Summer”. With the success of the singles and greatness of them I had high hopes for the project. With that being said I am disappointed in this. She basically made a skit album. It is a 12 song album that does not even last 30 minutes. The best songs on the album Girls Need Love is only 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. With the amount of talent she has this album is too underwhelming. To me she is robbing her fans. She needs to have longer songs that truly fulfils what the fans need. She is too talented to keep  shortchanging her work. I rate this album a 4/10.

The next project is “Lost-EP” by Brent Faiyaz. Unlike the last album mentioned he gives you long songs. His story telling on each song (you have to read the explanations to fully understand the project) is one of a kind and truly sets him above any other new R&B artist. His song Trust sets this project apart from anybody else who has dropped this week. With Brent you can tell that he makes his music for himself and not trying to play into the corporate politics. I would suggest you listen to this project thoroughly and truly feel the emotion on all of it. I rate this album a 8/10.


6 thoughts on “Late

  1. RL Grime the DJ release a “Halloween Mix” you could look into that for the sake of the season! Look up RL Grime Halloween Mix 2018, I think it’s number 7!


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