Love Me Now

Last week I had the personal pleasure of listening to two great R&B albums.

“Love Me Now” by Tory Lanez. Was an album without much traction. Tory released a single one week before the album without much pubbing. This left us with the idea that this was going to be a rushed album. So with that being said, it was not much expectation to it. So listening to it I came in completely neutral with it. Starting off he lets us see hat he has been experiencing a lot of things from his life since his last body of work with a cry out with “WhY Don’t YoU LoVe Me”. This song spoke volumes to how much pain you go through trying to make the people you love love you. He continues throught the album trying to win people hearts. This album is a perfect example of what R&B is today. More of a pop album than a natural r&b album, but it is not taking away from it’s brilliance. “Love Me Now” shows amazing growth from Tory. The cover artist we knew of the past is seemingly gone. He does not use sample for this album and gave a truly original body of work. The song that is the most buzzworthy to me is “S.W.I.N.G” featuring Trey Songz and PnB Rock. The balance of these three artist shows the genius of whatever producer put them together. All and all I give this album a 8/10.

The next album is the long pushed backed “MIH-TY”  album. This album has been teased to fans since late 2014 and we finally got it. Even though it was not quite like I expected this project was fun and energizing. Some songs are a bit outdated so you can tell how long it is has been sitting on the shelf. this album had two many samples, but coming from HitMaker I do not know why I expected any differently. Even though I was kind of disappointed I can say I truly enjoyed this album. The standout song is “Lie 2 Me” this album is a 7/10.


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