This week in music we have Rita Ora and Z-ro

Rita Ora’s album Phoenix dropped. Rita is resilient. The seven years between her debut album and this great follow-up were, by all accounts, tough, with record label drama. “Not Anymore”, the stand out, armed with the renewed self-confidence and a good vibes only outlook she started fresh. Phoenix, of course, is a nod to rebirth. The album is adventurous, triumphant, and completely honest. this album is a 6/10.

Ok I have a Houston bias so I am not going to type everything I want to I am giving the supershort version of this

Z-ro flirted with retirement in 2017, but his time away from rap didn’t last very long. The Mo City Don ended his brief hiatus with last November’s Codeine album and returns a year later with his latest offering, Sadism. The Houston Hip Hop staple’s new album includes 18 tracks and a relatively small amount of features. Z-Ro doesn’t recruit any of his Screwed Up Click brethren this time around, opting instead to collaborate with artists such as Kam Franklin of The Suffers, Lanlawd, Carol Cake and Mickaël Zibi. The highlight of this album to me is the song “Good Guy”. He raps the way the old fans love and new fans can understand on this wonderful track. I love it when he is happy because it shows in his music. Go listen to this album if you are starting a new journey in life on your own and you surely will be motivated. I give this a 9/10.


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