The Finale

The last Blog Post of this semester is based on past albums.

The first album I am going to talk about is my favorite album of all-time. This album is The Carter III by Lil Wayne. In an industry that becomes inhibited and conservatives with each passing year, Wayne is one of the few million-dollar pop stars who refuses to color inside the line. The album’s jarring collection of styles is what makes it so exciting, and makes it definitively a classic. No one could make Wayne choose between the Jamaican infusions of “Mrs. Officer” and “A Milli”, the vintage sound of “Mr. Carter” and “Dr. Carter” and “Let the Beat Build”. and the pop subversions of “La La” and “Lollipop”. They are all equal parts of Wayne’s personality, and The Carter III accords them all equal space. My favorite from this album is the intro “3 Peat” Wayne is the most quotable man in music, and he uses his voices in ways that makes other rappers seem timid. This album is a perfect 10/10.

The other album I am going to talk about is Drakes Take CareDrake was still fretting about lost love, the perils of fame, and connecting with his fellow man; as you can see on the cover, holding a golden chalice like a lonely king. These naked emotions, however, are what makes Take Care a classic, placing Drake in a league of extraordinary rappers and emoters. “Marvin’s Room” is one of the most sullen singles to hit the Top 100, and the winsome guitar howls of the tittle track are among the most recognizable sounds of the decade. My personal favorite off this album, also my favorite Drake song period, is “The Ride” the introspective record that howls the price of fame and growth you have to go through to reach that next level. This album is Drakes most complete project and what many herald as his best project. I give this album a 10/10.


3 thoughts on “The Finale

  1. You ever hear that “Take Care” was actually written by The Weeknd? I love that album! I also love The Weeknd. Apparently it was written by Abel and sold to Drake because he was trying to get money. This is why they had a falling out because he never game him credit for it, but featured him on “The Crew.” Mindblowing!!


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